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Re-Writing Our Stories through Digital Storytelling

Relational, Appreciative and Process-oriented Digital Storytelling


Ομάδες μάθησης και κοινότητες έρευνας: Αναζητώντας το μοτίβο που συνδέει.

με τους Κώστα Παπαχρηστόπουλο &  Αλέξη Μπράϊλα

Ένα βιωματικό σεμινάριο για τον οργανισμό που μαθαίνει & την κοινότητα που διερευνά, καταγράφει, τεκμηριώνει & επικοινωνεί τη δράση της, είναι το θέμα της δεύτερης επιμορφωτικής δράσης της κοινότητας του ΑΚΜΑ.


Teaching Portfolio

My teaching practice and my research approach are based on Systems theory and on complex systems epistemology (Second-order cybernetics). My aim is to facilitate the development of learning organizations with emergent properties. I have substantial expertise in creating participatory, distributed and sustainable collaborative/connected learning environments by blending face-to-face group work with open-web technologies (WordPress blogs, RSS, web 2.0 tools) and reflective practice. Illustrative examples of this approach in teaching can be found through my publications' page and below.

Hub3001 (2017) - Department of Psychology (Panteion University)


iCounseling (2017) - School of Pedagogical and Technological Education (ASPETE)


CyberMethods (2016) - Department of Psychology (Panteion University)


Hub2001 (2016) - Department of Psychology (Panteion University)


eduAppreciative (2016) - School of Pedagogical and Technological Education (ASPETE)


eduMethodology (2016) - School of Pedagogical and Technological Education (ASPETE)


b4Project (2015) - Secondary Education


Stop Bullying (2015) - Secondary Education

stop bullying

Hub6301 (2015) - Department of Psychology (Panteion University)

hub6301 (2014) - Secondary Education


Social Network Analysis with Gephi SNA with gephi

More traditional e-Learning and blended learning sites:

Internet Culture, SocioPsychological approach (Eliademy) (2015, Panteion University)

A blended learning cource based on the principles of Experiential Learning: Research Methods in Cyberspace (Eliademy) (2014, Panteion University) (2013, Panteion University)

Κυβερνοπολιτική και Δυνητικές Κοινότητες

Η Κουλτούρα του Διαδικτύου

GrPsychoNet (2012, Panteion University)

PoliticalSociology (2011, Panteion University)

PsyEpistimology (2010, University of Crete)

CulturalPsychology (2010, University of Crete)

Moodle LMS (2009, 2nd Lyceum Petroupolis)