Alex Brailas (PhD) @ Complexity, Psychology & Learning

practice drives theory

Philosophy (including problems of cognition, etc.) is exclusively an affair of action and practice

— Simone Weil

This work has taken a lifetime to develop before I ever placed fingers on keyboard to enable the words and the worlds to be expressed here

Dan Siegel

Recent Publications

Brailas, A. (2024). Postdigital Duoethnography: An Inquiry into Human-Artificial Intelligence Synergies. Postdigital Science and Education. [link]

Brailas, A., & Papachristopoulos, K. (2023). Systems thinking, rhizomes, and community-based qualitative research: An introduction to Nomadic Thematic Analysis.  In E. Tseliou, C. Demuth, E. Georgaca, & B. Gough (Eds.), The Routledge International Handbook of Innovative Qualitative Psychological Research. Routledge. [link]

Brailas, A. (2023). Rhizomes, nomads, and complexity: A new relational pedagogy for the era of networks, social media and artificial intelligence. In M. S. Khine (Ed.), New Directions in Rhizomatic Learning: From Postructural Thinking to Nomadic Pedagogy. Routledge. [link] PDF

Brailas, A., & Sotiropoulou, C. (2023). Relational, Appreciative, and Process-oriented Digital Storytelling: A Duoethnography. Human Arenas. [link]

Brailas, A., Tragou, E., & Papachristopoulos, K. (2023). Introduction to Qualitative Data Analysis and Coding with QualCoder. American Journal of Qualitative Research, 7(3), 19-31. [link]

Brailas, A. (2022). Petros Polychronis and the epistemology of life. Metalogos Systemic Therapy Journal, 41, 1-21. [link]

Brailas, A. (2021). Digital storytelling and the narrative turn in psychology: Creating spaces for collective empowerment. Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice, 12(4), 1 - 19. [link]

Brailas, A. (2020). Using Drawings in Qualitative Interviews: An Introduction to the Practice. The Qualitative Report, 25(12), 4447–4460. [link]

Brailas, A. (2020). Rhizomatic Learning in Action: A Virtual Exposition for Demonstrating Learning Rhizomes. Eighth International Conference on Technological Ecosystems for Enhancing Multiculturality, 309–314 [link]