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Hello and welcome! This site is a public aggregator and personal organizer for my research work and interests. I am senior researcher and teaching personel at the Virtual Reality, Internet Research and Learning Laboratory, Department of Psychology, Panteion University of Athens.

I have an interdisciplinary research background (psychology, systems science, group psychotherapy, computer science, pedagogy). My approach to research is design-based and practice-focused. My research interests are in applying complexity theory and group work to psychology and teaching.

Research projects include: Group work in Education and large systems; Facilitating Learning Organizations; Experiential Learning; Complex Systems Pedagogy; Learning Communities & MOOCs; Digital Storytelling in Education; Digital Cultures; Qualitative Research Methods; Grounded Theory; Participatory research methods; Internet Research Methods; Computational Research Methods in Education, Text Analytics; Social Network Analysis; Blogosphere & Stylometry Research.

For a clearer picture of my approach to teaching take a look at the projects, at the publications and the presentations sections at this site. To have an idea about what inspires me in the "fast-forward" moving networked world we all live in today, take a look at my
quote blog.