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Hello and welcome! This site is a public aggregator and personal organizer for my research work and interests.
I work at the Department of Psychology, Panteion University, Athens, Greece, where I teach courses on Qualitative Research Methods, Systems Science,  Psychology of Social Media, and Research Software. I also organize and facilitate participatory group workshops and interventions with students and the community. I have a special affiliation with the Virtual Reality, Internet Research and Learning Lab. I am also an Associate Editor of 
Homo Virtualis Journal.

I consider myself as a Researcher-Practitioner and I realize these two dimensions as nurturing each other. I have an interdisciplinary research background (psychology, psychotherapy, complexity theory, computer science, learning sciences). My approach to research and teaching is participatory, design-based, and practice-focused. I am a licensed psychologist and a certified group psychotherapist and adult educator.

Research interests include, among others:

My PhD thesis focused on the study of learning as an acculturation process in the context of a virtual community of practice. My research approach in this thesis introduced an innovative remodeling of Grounded Theory that incorporates conceptual network analysis techniques and community detection algorithms (Networked Grounded Theory).

For a clearer picture of my approach to teaching take a look at the projects, at the publications and the presentations sections in this site. To have an idea about what inspires me in the "fast-forward" moving networked world we all live in today, take a look at my
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